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Image of MOMS CLub logo  MOMS Club® of Coon Rapids, MN


What we are about...

Ever Feel Like You're The Only Mom Who Stays Home?

You are not alone! Come meet other at-home moms.

We are a growing group of Moms who live in Coon Rapids.

If you are in interested in a MOMS Club in your area, please contact  or

Visit the International Website at


We are here to provide positive support for moms who choose to be at home to raise their children.

The MOMS (MOMS Offering Moms Support®) Club is an international non-profit organization specifically for at-home mothers.


This includes moms who are at home either full or part time, including moms who work at home. We welcome at-home mothers with any age children. You do not have to leave the club when your children enter school. We know you need support as your children grow. While our club welcomes children of all ages and strives to create a kid-friendly atmosphere, we understand that it's the MOMS who need support. Therefore, we plan a wide variety of activities that MOMS find enjoyable and that foster the supportive environment we so desire (and sometimes need!). Of course, the fact that our kids establish a close peer group is a bonus! The MOMS Club is not based on race, religion, or financial stability.


We also publish a monthly calendar and newsletter detailing the month's activities, as well as supplying useful information ranging from local interests to a recipe of the month.